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10:38pm 17/01/2011
  So ohayocon is very close now and my lady sio costume is....almost complete lol. I procrastinated forever, but I got my ass in gear. This is what I have. I still need to finish seams, make my boot covers, and sew around the skulls eye holes. I'm glad I still have about a week and a half to finish heh.

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:) well hello   
04:18pm 11/01/2011
  Using the lj app ok my droid :D I think I will be posting more often again now. Hello 2011!

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tat :)   
11:40pm 07/07/2010

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A Post   
03:56pm 22/06/2010

There is a lot going on in general lately.  Random events, photographing, traveling, concerts, website stuff, working, etc.  Makes it hard to keep up a presence on my LJ.  Plus it doesn't help that my laptop is out of commission for the time being.  But enough excuses, in the near future it should be slowing down so perhaps more posts will happen.

I have started saving up money to purchase my Toshiba Qosmio laptop. (yay new laptop!)
I am inspired to focus on my fine art projects.

I got my sweet fox tattoo, it looks nothing like my original designs but it is full of bad assery.  (I love it. )

Jenn and I got our FOCI photography site up, we are renovating so people can buy prints. 

I am going to move to San Diego in April next year.  Living at my parents has afforded me the opportunity to save lots of money, and my little sister Taylor who is in the Navy is going to have her base there.  So I figured what the hell.  If not now then when? So I am formulating plans and figuring out stuff.

That is about the state of things lately.  This year has been awesome so far I hope it continues. :)
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Golden Boy   
05:36pm 13/04/2010
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10:17pm 31/03/2010
mood: Inspired
Whilst at a Horror Movie convention in Indianapolis, a chick busted out a bunch of adult sized hula hoops...it was fantastic! I had a lot of fun, and now I can't get it out of my head.  Soon, Jenn and I are going to buy supplies to make our own.  I'm excited to start playing with it on a regular basis, and you totally burn 100 calories for every ten minutes of hooping :D Gettin buff too, oh yeah.  A video I saw also gave me a great idea for sewing some crazy capri pants....I still need to work it out but I think it will be glorious if I can do it. Here is a sweet video of some people goin hoop crazy and some chicks boobies fall out lol bonus!

I took pictures of the mask room, random costumes, and this guy eating razor blades at the Horror con :) It was fun.  Jenn took a lot more as I was busy drinking beer heh. I saw George Ramero, the guy that played pin head, and a bunch of other random crazy horror movie people. Very neat, I want to go next year and do the costume contest :D It has to be something crazy ridiculous.  Good thing I have time heh.
At some point with in the next week or so I am going to edit all the pictures I have taken thus far, and then there shall be a huge picture-mania post of doom :)
Heh opposites :)   
05:44pm 26/03/2010
Black light   
05:54pm 21/03/2010
It was a good time, full of ridiculous and booze.
  Jenn and I were completely over dressed, in a fabulous way tho.

You can't really see my huge creepy smile but it's there.

haha ask and ye shall recieve I guess :) here is one that we took of Jenn and I.

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This is so freakin sweet.   
05:48pm 15/03/2010
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06:00pm 12/03/2010
So I have been working on my Sio costume on and off, the skirt drove me insane for a while because I kept making dumb mistakes.  I guess that's what I get for doing it with out a pattern...but it was simple....technically, I just made it harder than it should have been.  At any rate after a good 3 trys at this skirt I finally got it made well, looking pretty, and it fits me! woo!

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Brainstorming ideas...   
04:18pm 11/03/2010
This is my/Jenn's basic idea for our black light outfits.  I want to be a creepy mummy-esque thing, while she is going to be a....fierce skeleton heh.  The highlited parts are actually the white/glowy stuff.

This is how I come up with most of my more costumey outfits.  Sketchy sketchin.

I'm going to have black drippy looking face paint down to the giant smile that is going to take up the bottom half of my face :D Then I want to continue the drippy black on my shoulders, and fingers. I'm stoaked, I think it's going to look crazy.
Sexy new pictures ;)   
06:08pm 09/03/2010

These are just some pictures that I took and edited over the weekend.  I love my new camera, it hasn't left my side since I got it.  Plus I've been looking into interesting new ways (for me at least) to edit pictures with photoshop. 

This made me want to hang things from my own trees.

Butterfly decoration in my mother's room, I dig the lighting.

Poor little blue truck : /

I took a bunch of others but they are for FOCI :D

Tonight Jenn and I are playing with glow in the dark face paint, we are going to go to a blacklight shindig next weekend so we figure we would mess around and see what we could come up with.  Tomorrow I'm hanging out with Chad, and Thursday I'm doing a funky new short haircut photoshoot with Sara.  Hopefully on Friday I can attack....a new Self Portrait. I'm excited about the possibilities. The ideas are brewing....::evil cackle::

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D   
01:15pm 19/02/2010
Guess what I just did.....

:D :D :D HE IS MINE :D :D :D
bah....now I just have to wait till it gets here...

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02:19pm 13/02/2010
mood: excited
Have I mentioned on here that 2010 is the year of the Tiger which is my Chinese zodiac?  Well regardless I'm mentioning it now.  It's totally my year and everything seems to be pointing in the right direction....::knocks on wood::  :) There are many cool upcoming things happening in the nearish future that I am really excited about.

*side note: photoshop fractal thing is cool as shit.

It all started when I paid off my car, which is mega awesome thing numero uno.  That in itself has really enabled all the rest of the goings on to happen.   Then I actually got money back from the government after owing for the last two years.   An awesome sum of money that is going to be used to purchase my brand spankin new Nikon D90 Kit off Ebay.  Complete with just about every accessory I could want for the camera, and 5 lenses.  I will be purchasing that with my first paycheck in March, EEEEEE!  I can't even begin to explain how huge this is for me. I'm so excited about the picture taking possibilities. 

In April I'm taking a trip to Gatlinburg for shits and giggles.  Then in May I am going to Hell City - Tattoo Convention and I have already talked to a really great tattoo artist about getting my fox tattoo.  It shall be glorious.  I'm a little nervous but I think it's going to turn out awesome.  The weekend after that I'm going to Hookahville - Hippie Fest :) with a bunch of friends.  Should be pretty fun.  Then the weekend after that I will either be photographing the Midwest Haunters Convention with Jenn or perhaps attending Collossalcon.   I think we are going to get the photo gig tho, so that will be freaking huge as well.  It would be amazing if our first real photography job is a convention.  A really cool convention based around Halloween, props, crazy makeup, and costumes.  And lastly for upcoming events I may or may not be going to Bonnaroo, I want to really bad but my coworker has those days off....I'm going to try to coerce him into letting me have them if he doesn't have vacation plans.  Lots of cool stuff that I'm really looking forward too.

Meanwhile, this is what I'm doing now :D

Freaking Zelda is so fun, I have a hard time putting it down.  

I am also starting work on my next Cosplay costume, it's not for any specific event.  I just can't get costuming out of my head so I figured what the hell I will start a new one :)  I'm going to do Lady Sio from Afro Samurai: Resurrection.  

Granted I'm going to do it with a little less gratuitous boob action.  I picked her because I wanted a somewhat simple costume to make so I can really focus on craftsmanship.  Plus, Afro Samurai is a badass anime....and I would make a terrible cosplay of Afro. lol Why couldn't I have been born a skinny black man!?!? why? oh well I guess I have to make due :) This shall be my ode to Afro Samurai.  She has a short sword that I am going to figure out how to make as well.  It will be good practice work with plastic before I try and tackle armor for my Claymore cosplay that I am going to start after this.

Anyho, that's the low down.  Yay for a bunch of great stuff.  I hope to document it all :)
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12:01pm 03/02/2010

After talking about it for forever and a day I finally completed and wore my first cosplay to Ohayocon 2010! Woo!  I went as Tsubaki from Soul Eater.  It was fun, and my costume was pretty good aside from a stupid amount of small malfunctions.   I posted about my costume in cosplay , with some more pictures and stuff.  If you want to look you can click on the picture :D

Ohayocon was fun and amusing.   My favorite part had to be all the really fantastic costumes.  I mean there were some that just blew me away.  I ended up not taking many pictures because I was busy running around doing stuff and going to panels, but I did get a few.  It was cracking me up, because I realized no matter how nerdy I am or get....there is like a whole other eschelon of nerd-dom that I'm just never going to reach.  lol, not that I dislike nerds at all, it's just a general observation. 

The panels and the cosplay were interesting, but my main qualm with Ohayocon was that there just wasn't enough room for all the people that came.  We had to watch the Cosplay and skits in a viewing room after being led in a line for twenty minutes around random hallways.  That wasn't really that bad though, after we got situated.  Then there was the dance.  I was excited because there was supposed to be a japan street fashion show for the first 45 minutes of the dance.  While Chad, Tony, and Jameson went to a Hellsing panel I got in line for the fashion show/dance.  After waiting for 45 minutes, with a weird nerd boy who couldn't stop talking I finally made it into the room for the dance.  Only to discover that there was no fashion show, there was no bar in the room (damn you family friendly "rave"!!!!), and once you left the room where the dance was being held you had to get back in line which was still retardedly long because the room wasn't big enough for everybody.  It seems to me like the dance and the cosplay were the biggest things to go to....so why oh why wouldn't they have them in giant rooms that would fit everyone?  I don't know but that was annoying.  Otherwise I had a good time and I want to go  back next year, and to other cons.  My main motivation is the costuming.  I can't get it out of my head, so I'm planning outfits for the next cons, plus I'm going to start making my outfits for goth night.

For my next costumes I am going to make Lady Sio from Afro Samurai, and Probably Galatea from Claymore. :)  At any rate here are the pictures I took.

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Hello from the great beyond!   
05:37pm 22/01/2010
mood: chipper
...well maybe not great beyond, more like work...blek. I'm really bored waiting on some jobs to finish up before ::squee:: the weekend.  I don't know why I'm so excited I'm really not doing much, but I do fully enjoy my time away from the grind.

yay for my hairs getting long and super crazy again!

Sara and I are going booty dancing tonight lol I plan on being grundgy and dishoveled in an attempt to ward off dudes that want to rub their weiners on me.  I know it seems silly to go out dancing in a regular club and not wanting that but I have a serious issue with strangers getting all up on my shit uninvited.  So maybe if I look like a hobo (albeit a slightly provocative one) it will help :D who knows only time will tell. Luckily despite how I dress I'm an excellent dodger.  I'm sure it will all be fun tho.

I'm drawing close to the end (of the story part at least) of Pokemon Diamond.  I'm stoaked because I really really want to play Final Fantasy III and the Zelda game I aquired, but I can't till I at least partially finish Pokemon.  It shall be sweet.  I probably won't get much gaming in this weekend, what with dancing, hanging out, and working on my costume. : / oh wells.

So far I have all the arm warmers on my costume finished....and my hairs cut.  Now all I need to do is make the dress, scarf, belt, extensions and get boots...in a week. lol I'm a terrible procrastinator, but I shall bust ass and have it all done for Ohayocon next weekend.

I wish my DS could upload pictures to places other than facebook.  I took some pretty crazy ones with it the other day.

Well, that was just a bunch of random thoughts.  Sweet.  Have a good weekend everybody.

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The Undiscovered Self.   
05:37pm 05/01/2010
mood: thoughtful
I have been reading The Undiscovered Self  by Carl Jung, it is amazingly interesting and insightful.  Weirdly, it makes me feel a little less crazy about all of my introspective musings. 

I have a natural tendency of trying to figure out why other people do certain things, or why they act certain ways.  Sometimes I even think I have some stuff figured out but then I, inevitably, turn my theories inward and try to compare what I think to how I think or what I do.  I feel like it should make it easier to gain an understanding of someone else through my understanding of myself, simply because at the base we are both human.  That's where the real train wreck happens.  I can always find certain similarities between myself and others, but when it comes to really breaking it all down I'm at a complete loss.  It's really hard to think of myself objectively lol.  I guess that is a silly statement but none-the-less true.  

Here is how a simple thought process might go.   Ok, Leonard always blames others instead of himself.  I wonder why that is.  Is it because of his environment?  Was he the youngest or an only child? Is that a basis for allowing himself to act like this now? Does he realize that he does it? Would telling him effect whether or not he continues to do it? Am I like Leonard? I don't think so, but maybe I am a little bit.  Do I take blame or do I place it more often? I think I take it, unless I really feel that the accusation is unjust. How do I discern the unjust? Do other people think I place blame? Is it that I really don't or is it just that I think I don't.   I can't really be sure in my own head unless I have outside feedback, but what if the perspective of the person I receive feedback from is skewed and believes one way when it is actually the other? .......blah, blah, blah....so on and so forth until I'm like, Shit....I've done it again and I haven't really figured out anything except now I'm confused and I don't know what to believe. 

Occasionally, I will get on my crazy thought process train and I will actually figure something awesome out about myself or someone else.  That's probably like 1 out of 100 times tho.

At any rate, I love this book because it proves to me that some of the things I think and the theories that I have developed over time are at least in some part valid.  With out reading hardly anything on psychology in the past, I have come to numerous realizations that are incredibly similar to what this book talks about.  I'm not saying this book is the end all be all of psychology and or that Jung knows everything about it, but it still speaks to me. 

I honestly think I want to explore a career in psychology.  I think it would be exciting, and interesting, and I mean hell if my brain tends to lean that way anyways why not.   I know it would be a lot of hard work but I think it would be worth it.   So now I'm looking into going back to school at a state college in order to get started and majoring in psychology and minoring in fine arts :)  That would be totally awesome. 

I guess I will be done writing about random brain stuff for now.  I leave with a few of my favorite tid-bits.

-"If, for instance, I determine the weight of each stone in a bed of pebbles and get an average weight of five ounces, this tells me very little about the real nature of pebbles."

-"It is not the universal and the regular that characterize an individual, but rather the unique."

-"People call faith the true religious experience, but they do not stop to consider that actually it is a secondary phenomenon arising from the fact that something happened to us in the first place which instilled [arabic word :)] into us-that is, trust and loyalty."

-"Consciousness is a precondition of being."
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08:48pm 04/01/2010
It's hard to care and not care at the same time.  I'm slightly bipolar I think, or maybe I just can't make up my mind.  The world may never know.....

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New Years Eve   
03:10pm 03/01/2010

I think that about sums it up lol.  It was a fun night of drinking and cavorting, I had some rum, some sweet vodka (thanks Jenn! :D) and some everclear that was in a drink called apple pie, compliments of Jameson's brother Nick. The NOS and cranberry Jenn and I mixed with our vodka made our tongues red :)  It was a super time all in all. We got to play with Ben's puppy, and dance around all silly, and have a fedora party.  We even tried to play Darts and Ping Pong...I can now say with out a shadow of a doubt that I do not get better at hand eye coordination the drunker I get. I stayed up till like 6 something in the mornig with some people and then pretty much slept the rest of the weekend with intermitent D&D playing, and TV watching.

Another Successful Ringing in of the New Year. 

I think the 8 all white ducks that showed up in the lawn New Years Day was a good omen :)

Now I have to start writing 10 all the time....that's weird.  I hope everyone is rich, and happy this year!
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12:48pm 31/12/2009
mood: amused
Fun little fashion chick, neopets-esque, website that I am slighty addicted to...and I got Jenn and Sara addicted too :) ::evil laugh::  Here is a SWEET LINK!  It's super fun.  If you like random internet paperdolly stuff you should check it out :D  Here are some of my ladies.

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